Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Did Google just out the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus as the first device to get Jelly Bean (which is apparently coming “soon”), confirm that it will indeed by Android 4.1 (not 5.0) and give us a small, blurry look at what to expect with the next major update? Yes, yes and it looks like yes.

Thanks to the checkout page for the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus sold on Google Play, we now know that the next major release of Android, Jelly Bean, will be 4.1.

Below is the screenshot showing Jelly Bean in association with Android 4.1. We confirmed the HSPA+ when purchasing the Galaxy Nexus, the final confirmation page lists the device as, “the latest smartphone from Google, soon the first phone with Android 4.1 Jell…”

I was able to view a new icon for the Galaxy Nexus showing a modified Google search bar (the same one featured in the listing for the I/O 2012 app), assumed to be a part of Jelly Bean, lending even more credibility the the accuracy of today’s discovery.

At this point, we had already assumed that Jelly Bean would end up being Android 4.1, and that the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus would be the first device to receive the update. If anything, this is just a little bit of confirmation that we were thinking in the right direction.

Will we see Android 4.1, Jelly Bean unveiled at Google I/O next week? I think we can confidently say yes. As for when the update will actually reach HSPA+ handsets, “soon” could mean anything. Could be during the announcement, could be a month from now. Verizon and Sprint users, who knows how long it could take for your device to finally get the update. Hopefully it won’t be another six months like last time, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the wait extend into the 4th quarter of the year. Either way, we should know more in just a couple more days now.

More on Google’s Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ :

The phone showed up briefly on Google Play before Google took it down. The blog Droid Life took a screen snap  of the listing, which placed the price at $409.

The listing in Google Play also may confirm reports that Google plans to sell the next Nexus directly, a la Apple. That was also the game plan for the Nexus One in 2010, but Google eventually pulled the plug on that effort because of lack of demand for the $529 model.

Mobile World Congress 2012 [EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE]

About the MWC 2012 :

MWC is redefining “mobile”.  No longer limited only to communications, mobile is now a force transforming our world in an unprecedented way. Mobile connects, entertains, informs and inspires us, ultimately changing how we live and who we are.

Mobile World Congress is the global epicenter of this redefinition as our participants enable, lead and accelerate it. Join it in Redefining Mobile at Mobile World Congress 2012, which will be held 27 February to 1 March at Fira Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain.

 Surf the below for detailed View:

Powermat launches inductive charging with the myTouch 4G Slide

If you need a second charger for your myTouch 4G Slide or just want a cool want to recharge your device, Powermat has you covered. According to the press release below, the company has released their wireless charging system alongside the release of the handset. You can pick this unit up from your local T-Mobile store. It consists of a new cover and a mat similar to the one you see above. If you’re interested in this setup, hit your local store and check it out.

Powermat to Release Wireless Charging System for T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide in Time with Phone Launch

New York, NY (July 28, 2011) – Powermat, the leader in wireless charging, announced today the availability of a dedicated wireless charging solution for the T-Mobile® myTouch 4G Slide coinciding with in-store availability of the new Android™-powered smartphone.

The Powermat solution for the myTouch 4G Slide will allow users to wirelessly charge theirSmartphones by replacing the battery cover on the device with a Powermat receiver that mimics the look and feel of the smartphone’s original battery cover. The one time replacement allows customers to simply ‘drop and charge’ their myTouch 4G Slide on any Powermat to begin wireless power delivery.

The new T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide features the most advanced camera of any smartphone with zero shutter lag, backside illuminated sensor and additional premium digital camera features that offer consumers a viable replacement for their digital point & shoot camera.

With a Powermat wireless charging system specifically designed for the myTouch 4G Slide, customers will have less worry about their charging needs, the tangle of spaghetti wires or the daily hassle of plugging / unplugging their device.

“We are delighted to work closely with T-Mobile to support the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide as it becomes available to consumers,” said Ran Poliakine, Powermat CEO. “The opportunity to collaborate with T-Mobile and introduce Powermat technology with the launch of the myTouch 4G Slide helps expand the nationwide availability of wireless charging.”

The Powermat wireless charging solution for the myTouch 4G Slide will be sold exclusively by T-Mobile. Powermat wireless charging support for additional products from T-Mobile is anticipated in the future.

Motorola Droid 3 available from Verizon :

Keyboard Commander
Flex your fingers of fury on the new 5–row keyboard that’s a launch pad for productivity. Ascend the throne of typing speed–demons as you fire off follow–ups without stopping to switch between letters and numbers.

Media Mastery
Capture every scene within sight with an 8MP camera, and select your masterpiece from multiple frames snapped within seconds. Upload them to your Connected Media Gallery and watch your artistry transform others into amateurs.

Flaunt your genius by surrounding yourself with a force field of security. Complex password control, remote wipe, and data encryption ensure the only one accessing your command module is you. Then master your universe with turn–by–turn directions and traffic updates so that nothing stands in your way.

Rise of the Apps
Power productivity with an ever–growing battalion of apps that catapult boredom into oblivion. Scour the immense Android Market and V CAST™ Media Store to claim the hard–working and hard–playing apps that have been created for you to command.

  • Verizon has put up Droid 3, the grandchild of Motorola’s legendary Droid smartphone, up for sale on its website.

The Droid 3 sports a 1 GHz dual-core CPU, a 4-inch qHD (960 x 540 pixel) screen, an 8-megapixel camera and a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard.

It runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and offers 16 GB of storage, as well as all the other standard bells and whistles that adorn the Android smartphones of today, including Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, UMTS and aGPS support.

The device costs $199 with a two-year contract on one of Verizon’s new data plans. It is also available contact-free for $459.

(DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license.)

LG Optimus 3D, the first 3D smartphone- goes on sale in UK.

The ever-evolving world of smartphones will enter another new era on July 1st, as the LG Optimus 3D – the first 3D mobile handset – goes on sale in the UK.

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have confirmed they will be stocking the new handset from Friday July 1st, five days before it is rolled out at other stores nationwide.

The LG Optimus 3D goes on sale tomorrow at selected Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores.

A total of 20 Carphone Warehouse outlets and four leading Best Buy shops will stock the 3D phone, which runs Google’s Android 2.2 FroYo operating system.

As well as the 4.3-inch WVGA stereoscopic display, which allows users to view 3D content without special glasses, the device also has a dual-lens rear-mounted five-megapixel camera which allows for HD recording and stills of 3D content.

Graham Stapleton, chief commercial officer at the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy, is positive that July 1st 2011 will prove to be a red-letter day in smartphone development.

He said: ‘It’s safe to say that 3D technology is growing, with more events and entertainment being screened in 3D than ever.

‘The LG Optimus 3D features some groundbreaking technology and we’re proud to be able to offer the world’s first 3D smartphone exclusively at the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy.’

Research by uSwitch recently revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the UK’s favourite smartphone at the moment, knocking Apple’s iPhone4 back into second place.

However, the price comparison site warns that the LG Optimus 3D will provide the Samsung device with serious competition next month.