Custom Firmware For Samsung S8530 & S8500 (BADA OS)

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So, viewers this time, after exposure of Samsung Star’s Custom as well as Original Firmwares, here I am with a Full On Collection of Custom & Original firmwares for SAMSUNG WAVE 1 & 2. 

Here goes:

Note: The flashing of your mobile phone should be done on your own risk. Neither Mobile Gameroids nor is the author nor the source be responsible for any errors.

Points to be noted before flashing your mobile phone:

  • Check the version of your Firmware, press *#1234#
  • Check the SIM & NETWORK LOCK, it should be OFF.  Press *#7465625#

Things required for flashing the Firmwares :

1) Multiloader (**Very Important)
2)Boot Files**
4)DSP (if)
5)…. all the other files.. (a long list 😛 )

The below are the list of Samsung Wave Firmwares version 1.2 & 2.0 ( dated from November 2010 – May 2011)

For the password for the below firmwares CLICK HERE

Firmwares for Samsung Wave S8530:

Europe Samsung S8530 Firmwares.

Europe Firmware  Bada  CSC Date  Download 
S8530XXJK2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK1 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJK3 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK3 2010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8530XEJK6 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Slav 2010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXJK9 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe-Common_EPLJK8 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJKA 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK7 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJL1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_KPNJK9 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJL2  1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK7 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XEJL2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_CISJL2 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XEJL4 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_CISJL2 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XXKC1 1.2  CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA 2011 March DOWNLOAD 
S8530XEKC1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Slav 2011 March DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXKE1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXFJK3 2011 May DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXKF1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXF 2011 June DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXKF1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXF 2011 June DOWNLOAD
S8530XPKD6 2.0.1 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_KD6 2011 April DOWNLOAD
S8530XPKG5 2.0.1 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_KG5  2011 July DOWNLOAD 
S8530XPKG6 2.0.1 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_KG6 2011 July DOWNLOAD  


Asia Samsung S8530 Firmwares.

Asia Firmware Bada  CSC Date Download
S8530DDJK3                                      1.2       CSC_S8530_India_ODD                                                                                          2010 November  DOWNLOAD  
S8530DXJK5 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_JK4     2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530DXJL1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_JL1 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530ZTKB2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Taiwan 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530ZHKB2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Hongkong 2011 February  DOWNLOAD 
S8530DXKB1 1.2  CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_KB1 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530DXKB1  1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_KB1 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530DDKB2 1.2 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530ZCKD1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_China 2011 April DOWNLOAD 
S8530DXKF1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_KB1 2011 June DOWNLOAD  
S8530DDKF1 1.2 2011 June DOWNLOAD

Turkish Samsung S8530 Firmwares.

Arabic Firmware





S8530JVKD1 * ## 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Arabic_Common_JPJL1 2011 April DOWNLOAD

Arabic Samsung S8530 Firmwares.

Arabic Firmware Bada CSC Date Download
S8530JPJL1 * ## 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Arabic_Common_JPJL1 2010 December DOWNLOAD 

Service Provider Samsung S8530 Firmwares.

Provider Firmware 





S8530CXJK3 1.2 CSC_S8530_PLUS 2010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8530PMJL1 1.2 CSC_S8530_PRT 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BWJL 1.2  ——————————— 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BUJL1 1.2  ——————————— 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BOJL3 1.2 CSC_S8530_TMobile_DTM 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BVKA1 1.2  ——————————— 2011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8530PMKA1 1.2  ——————————— 2011 January  DOWNLOAD 
S8530BOKA2 1.2 CSC_S8530_TMobile_DTM 2011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8530BUKA2 1.2 CSC_S8530_VodafoneLite 2011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8530BOKC1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Tmobile_DTM 2011 March DOWNLOAD 
S8530AGKC1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Bouygues 2011 March DOWNLOAD
S8500PMKE2 1.2 CSC_S8530_PRT 2011 May DOWNLOAD
S8500BRKE2 1.2  ——————————— 2011 May DOWNLOAD


BADA 2.0 (beta) is launched. Now BADA OS is not that boring or slow. It has got all new features with a great new look and functionalities.  The various features are mentioned below:

– New wallpaper (same as on the Galaxy Tabs)
– Smoother transition effects.
-Menu option available on screen.(which reduces the need for always pressing the button.)
-Dolphin Browser installed as the default browser & is super fast.
– Smooth multitouch in the browser and the gallery
– Battery percentage option available.
– Allshare working good.
– Syncing with kies is working.
–  The highlight of the rom is Ch@t On is included and its working awesomely good. The latest version of chat on is included. So hats Off for that to samsung amazing service.
– Music hub now can identify the country you are in (Blocks the countries that the service is not available in it )
– This FW is compiled on 5th October
– Gps lock is fixed in this version almost gps lock is much faster than bada 1.2.
– Fota.
– Social hub[Basicplus] working perfectly.
– All the IM’s working great[Yahoo,Msn & Google]
– Youtube login bug is gone.
-Camera app has a new look.
– Camera App is now more than perfect (Rotation is fixed)
– Some bada 1.2 APIs are fixed (like in tweet caster login page & unseen 3 dots menus)
– Caster App is now working perfectly (you can download IE extension by sending its URL to your e-mail)
– Loading cursor smaller!
– On Appstore themes you can acces directly Theme-settings
– Task manager design changed! You see the active apps!
– FB Push works!
– The “pull-up” list on some apps was “invisible”, now you can see everything good like in bada 1.2
– Screen lock is very fast now. Locks very fast.
-Screen lock has gesture open.
-Phone mutes when turned upside down.
– Other sounds & features available.



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Installing the Black theme in Samsung Star / Star WiFi *NEW*

  1. connect your phone to your PC and open the file explorer tk ( , you must recognize the cell to the program running.
    (to find the com port to go to control panel-> system-> device manager under the Samsung voice modem found)
  2. by tk file explorer open the folder
    Phone – SystemFS – settings – Preconfiguration – Default – NV – nv_original.ini
  3. if that does not exist then open the folder
    Phone – SystemFS – settings – Preconfiguration – Russia – NV – nv_original.ini
    or the folder
    Phone – SystemFS – settings – Preconfiguration – xxxxx – NV – nv_original.ini
    where xxxxx is the country of origin Firmware (Europe, Russia, Italy etc..)
  4. Copy the file in the C: drive, creating a new folder
  5. Now our computers in the drive “C” will back up the file nv_original.ini
  6.  open it with notepad and modify it by adding the following line:
  7. we copy and save it in
    Phone – SystemFS – settings – Preconfiguration – Default – NV – nv_original.ini
    Phone – SystemFS – settings – Preconfiguration – xxxxxx – NV – nv_original.ini
    where xxxxxx is the first country from where you got the file. ini
  8. cell type on the following code:
    * # 6984125 * # or * # 5239870 * #
  9. choose pre-configuration and insert the following password:
    * # * 73561 # if you typed the first code or * # 27236 # * if you use the second code, select default or the name of the country that corresponds to the folder where we saved the nv_original.ini modified files and then click install. The phone will restart with the initial settings of our firmware, but without losing what has been installed and we will have the default theme gray.
-(via aro94)

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S5230mxeil2 like Android final [FIRMWARE]

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Finally succeeded in creating a fully modded firmware, Android style!

The base for this Firmware is the s5230MXEIL2

– Improved Touch
– Increased Volume
– Italianized firmware
– Set the parameters Italian Managers
– Theme Grey Default
– No shooting in the backgrounds
– Double menu
– Java aumenteta 5 MB memory and 5 simultaneous processes
– No game involved in this firmware
– Image Desk style boot and Android
– Java Simple Installation
– Magic touch Exchange ActiveSync and present
– Type of writing is the Font Set 3
– The numbers entered during the call are in different colors
– Fully modded menu: You will be amazed.

  • Watch the Video here:
  • Download here
  • Pack the widgets that I used in the video and you can use to further embellish this beautiful firmware can be found here.


(note: Installation or downloading any file should be done at your own risk.)
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