Android Devices to get Ubuntu OS soon.

Canonical to release Ubuntu OS for Android Devices soon. 

According to a recent report there is a strong possibility of an Ubuntu OS release for Android devices, possibly as early as next year. The report cites Canonical officials as the source of this info and indicates that Canonical is currently working towards bring mobile Ubuntu to the mobile marketplace. The OS will be made available to device manufacturers and not publicly released.

Canonical is the lead developer for the Ubuntu OS.

Ubuntu’s ability to be loaded on Android devices is due in large part to advances in technology, include multicore ARM CPUs and better graphics processors, that provide enough processing power to provide a quality end-user experience. According to Canonical, the mobile version of Ubuntu will have the ability to be loaded alongside Android on compatible smartphones or tablets. According to Canonical, a smartphone would boot up with Android and once the smartphone was placed on a docking station with a monitor the user could then load and use Ubuntu. Mobile Ubuntu will offer the same user experience as the desktop version of the OS – including access to the Ubuntu Software Center to download applications.

Ubuntu’s mobile version has commonality with Android and users will be able to use Android’s SMS function and have access to their contacts while working in Ubuntu.

In what is very disappointing news for Ubuntu fans, Canonical will not make the Ubuntu mobile OS available as a direct download. Canonical will release the OS to device manufacturers, so users will have to buy a device which ships with Ubuntu preloaded.