Wave I, II Get Android 4.0 [ROOTED] [COMPLETE] :

Samsung Firmware CFW V6.1 ( Asian & European Languages) – [ for wave 1 ]

Firmware Version:XELF1

CSC Version: C?SLF1

Bada Version: 2.0

Compatible Phone Model: S8500 WAVE

Details :

  • Exclusive!! Opera Mini for Bada-Bi is included in one of these CFW
  • Social Hub Premium is activated for all CSC’s.
  • Spoof works.
  • In “m.Facebook.com“-the images are monitored
  • Corrected Turkish calculator division operation in CSC-V5
  • CSC and ShpApp are reduced.
  • Origo “Browser name” was restored again
  • This version is slightly different from the previous version  ICS are very stable in the menu
  • Changed Tones On and Off
  • Iphone ring tone Added
  • Analog clock, memo, calendar widget Deleted
  • Smart Search button added to the main menu
  • Samsung Apps Undeleted
  • Better Ram management all HD Games work without restarting the phone
  • China, Korean languages have been deleted as a necessity heal Asian Language symbols Ram (CSC V1 version only)
  • Fixed a bug
  • Route66 has been recovered.
  • Clipped Boot screen. (for quick opening)
  • Bootlogo is changed to BadaDroid.
  • Front Camera button activated.
  • Few apps are deleted.
  • Automatic system date as the beginning of 2012
  • Automatic battery as a percentage of the active
  • Automatic brightness settings
  • GPS now works faster.
  • Supporting the Windows Default is Closed
  • Placing of applications in the display and menu-Changed
  • Memory card as Default Installation Location
  • Bluetooth Remote SIM mode is activated.
  • Background light for 60 seconds (original setting)
  • European Language and 55 in Europe CSC 32 percent and 11 and 28 CSC Mea & Asian Language Support
  • Limit to 150 removed from the SMS and MMS.
  • The Limit of 5 MB for MMS was raised to 10 MB
  • Radio FM works without earphone.
  • The operator removed from profile Information bar.
  • to change the CSC, type:

  1) * # 5239870 * # 

2) Then  preconfig code_ operator is selected,

3) Then   * # 27 236 * #

4) Written TOUR  is  selected.

  • Fixed a very low start ringing when a call comes at the beginning.

 To Download the CFW Version 6.1 Firmware Click on the Link below:

Download Link: Click Here

For Android on Wave II Click Here
(via badahub)
(NOTE: processes told , downloads from this site should be done at your own risk. Neither MobileGameroids nor the authors, the sources will be responsible for any loss.)


  1. Man there seems to be some problem…. the firmware u provided is bada 2.0 only … no android and .. no wave 3 market also… my wave 2 is not getting rooted also… i cannot find any zImage file … plz help man… i need android on my phone…

    it wud be helpful if u put a video or explanation procedure

  2. i hav installed the firmware u provided fr wave 2 … when it started … it showed bada 2.0 n i cannot find the zimage on my phone… i tried to root it as it is.. but when it asksed to install driver and i clicked ok… it did nothing and just asked again 2-3 times to install driver… plz help me with the procedure man…. one more thing…. the firmware u gave is android or bada

  3. the video u posted is for wave 1 … i got wave 2…moreover it says we need boot files and polishblood files… they r nt there in the firmware… just tell me this… can i download firmware of wave 1 and install it on wave 2… i guess badadroid is developed fr wave 1 much better… when i installed on wave 2 it shows only bada nt badadroid

  4. hey.. i tried ur updated method … but the problem is … when i give google usb driver to the system, it says it has found most updated driver … so i dont know wheteher it is taking the driver or not. Then when i start unroot.. no pop up appears…. i feel the major reason behind this is that i dont have the zimage file in my phone which i can replace… can u help me on that

    • Pushkar: The zImage is not the problem. Actually the problem is you are Rooting your phone for the first time hence you aren’t able to find the zimage.

      I will be uploading the Polish Blood firmware and few more.. ( they are for wave1) but still methods are same.
      You can copy the Polish Blood as you wanted from the Firmware later.

      And don’t worry, “Patience is Virtue” 😛

  5. Actually, theres a major differences from the hardware and software(as it opensource technically), it depends from the countries it’s released. I have Wave II, having the same problems. I cannot find zImage on my Wave II, I`m using STune to find it, but none on results.

  6. hey ashrules … i tried a lot but can u plz explain me the rooting procedure….I did the following things tell me where did i go wrong…

    FIrst I downloaded the firmware u provided for wave II… hero555 it says…
    Then I flashed my phone with this firmware. it got installed … only prob i faced during this was when I gave it a path for CSC… there were many files and I gave it the Asia one…Then the phone got configured and started…

    Then I tried to find zImage to be replaced but it was nowhere in the phone… still I continued …

    When I connected my phone it showed Hero 555 and when i clicked it … there were three folders
    1. IntSys 2. Osp 3. Phone

    I pasted the zImage in phone folder.

    I started Unroot tool…. and clicked on root. It did not show my device ( as mentioned in the guide of tool) It flashed a msg to install the driver… i clicked on yes… but no use .. it kept on flashing the same msg …

    Then I tried to follow ur another procedure…I downloaded Google USB driver… Then I went to device manager and my mobile was listed under USB controllers… when i tried to update the driver software it says already updated driver installed. so no use

    Then i tried to follow the procedure in ur video… i followed the link from video description and downloaded Polish blood files… copy pasted them in Phone folder and tried to root my device… no use … it keeps on flashing the msg to install the driver…

    Man plz help … i tried a lot but nothing worked…

    • Everything that you have done is right, but you are missing one major point….. The zImage.
      The zImage is only found when you have flashed your phone earlier for Android, as shown in the video(for wave 1)
      For wave II you have the similar process.
      Remember… zImage is important.
      2) If you do not find the zImage then you will not be able to modify the Bada Wave to an Android Wave.

  7. i hav installed the firmware u provided fr wave 2 … when it started … it showed bada 2.0 n i cannot find the zimage on my phone… i tried to root it as it is.. but when it asksed to install driver and i clicked ok… it did nothing and just asked again 2-3 times to install driver…
    but i have 32bit plz …. elp me
    my email is (laythalhaj@yahoo.com)

  8. Hey! Im new to rooting and I have wave 1 and I want to run android on it. i just wanted to confirm the steps before i screw up my beloved cell! 😀
    1) Copy and replace the given “zImage” in your phone memory with this one here
    2) Use the Unlock Root tool to root your wave
    3) Download Unlock Root tool from above link and install it.
    4) Connect your Android on Samsung Wave to your PC and make sure the USB debugging is switched on.
    5) Click on root.
    6) It will ask to install a driver, click on install driver anyway , it should be the second option (in Win
    7) Wait for root to complete and Done

    Are these the only steps or do i need to follow the next steps mentioned for 64 bit too? mine is vista running on 32 bit.

  9. could you please give me a way to do all right..i am from germandy and i can english,russian and german,it would be very beautiful if you could post the way how to find te zImage and so on…

    i have flashed the turko v6 firmware and bada 2 works good but i cant boot android,i cant understand how to do this right…

  10. Got a question 😉

    I seem not to be able to run the program to root since I am not able to instal the “driver”
    I followed your update steps and it didnt work.

    Is there a way to do this under linux instead off Windows?

  11. Your video seems to be down and I’m afraid the instructions leave me a bit confused.

    I’m using Windows 7 x64 and a Samsung Wave II, Bada 2.0.

    Where do I actually use the android firmware that i downloaded?
    The process for rooting seems straightforward, but not having rooted my phone before I dont know how I’m supposed to get that zImage.

    What am I missing?

  12. hey man,
    i have done everything what u have said . every thing worked but if i tried to update driver it is saying that it is up to date n when i continued with this in unroot it is repeatedly asking install driver….. please tell me a way.

  13. In the above discussion you have said that zimage is only created when android is flashed . what do you mean the cfw firmware for wave 2 right is any other thing to be flashed just tell me please. Actually i understood the problem i need to know how to flash my phone for android

  14. i will tell what i have done so far.
    1. i flashed the cfw firmware given.
    2.then i downloaded sdk n installed google driver
    3.when i tried to update driver in device manager it showed it is upto date
    4.then i copied zimage 1ly copied i didnt found it in my phone .
    5.when i tried to root it ,it repeatedly asked to install driver .
    6.then i downloaded boot and fota files for wave 1.
    7.i tried to flash it but an error occured while trying to flash fota file .
    8.when i tried with other(it worked normally)
    9.it doesn’t work.
    10.WHAT TO DO???
    please tell me………

  15. in previous post you said “Update driver !! Your phone always checks the flashed version of the driver…. Not the updated version.. To update the driver you need to Flash your phone once again with the updated driver “…..
    i didnt understand it please explain it. i got no idea

  16. two major problems i face::
    1.usb driver update not happening.
    2.boot files and fota files are not flashing throwing error.(only these files are thrown error)

    please kindly tell solutions for these problems..
    one small suggestion it will be good if you post a detailed procedure i.e some details in addition to the present post like solution for the problems stated above . please tell me a solution…..

  17. Hello!
    i gave up following the porting project earlier this summer, and what a bad timing to stop following!

    what I’m trying to find out now, is if i flash my device(s8500), will the modem work? and can I dualboot? ( from videos it look like it). If this is the case, i wont wait 2 minutes to test this out!

    oh, yeah, will google play (appstore) work?

    I gotta hand it to you, if you have pulled this one off! anyways you have done a great piece of work!


  18. when i want to install the drivers step 7 it says ”the driver-software can’t be found” I have installed android sdk manager and ticked only ”google USB driver” and installed it… what should I do? (wave II)

  19. haha my frend ashrules… leeme tell u 1 thing .. iam very much surprised some one like u have succesfully attempted to do a thing which xda developers have not yet acheieved . well its a great credit . thumbs up . may be you have succeded may be not . but ONE THING. YOU HAVE HOOKED UP INTO THE HEADS OF RETARDS WHO ARE COMPLICATING SIMPLE STEPS AND JUST MESSING UR HEAD UP.. but i own a Wave 3 and BADA SUCKS DICK .. such a powerful phone is RUINED BY BADA .. fuck samsung

  20. I have wave II. Windows 7 64 bit.
    I tried your UPDATED method to root wave II. Here are the steps i followed :

    1. Downloaded android SDK and installed Google usb drivers by clicking “install 1 package”
    2. Device manager > right click samsung wave II drivers and tried to install manually.

    But no matter which path i follow to install google Usb driver for wave II, i get an error “The folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with windows for x64 based systems”

    Again, the driver folder has both x86 and x64 bit drivers.

    What should i do to install android usb driver? Could you explain me the steps you did and tell me where am i missing?

  21. are you sure this guide work on wave 2 ?? I try step by step on windows 8 64bit and windows xp 32bit but usb driver downloaded by sdk manager is useless for wave 2 and windows cannot install it . itry to force install by have disk method (full manual) but windows reject it … I think this method for wave hacking is absoulutly for wave 1

    • Hello peeps: Firstly Completely flash your phone with Polish Blood files(Series 1) Which will create the zimage. Then try flashing the…….. Android with the above provided steps. I must say, the Polish blood files and the Android are now a days very rarely patching up………Due to piracy rules and regulations of the App Store and Google. If lucky you will have a clean Android Flash with very little lagging apps. Even though it worked for me… I have undone my Android and flashed Original Wave II back… Coz original is always original. I suggest you to buy an Android phone as I have now.

      Thts it from my side. Thank you. Keep visiting #mobilegameroids


  22. hi im at the last steps that i had to follow but it seems that i can not root my Samsung wave 2 it said ”
    16:50:38 – Starting ADB Server..
    16:50:44 – ADB Device: NOT FOUND

    ERROR: Make sure your device is connected in Android Debug mode, and the drivers are installed. then try again.” what do i do now? please help me to get it rite tanx!!!!

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