Mobile World Congress 2012 [EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Click here to view the Official Page of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Feb 29th 2012:  Today, Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and with it, the Windows Store. And if you haven’t already heard, I’m proud to say that for Windows 8 is available today.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on the team at Automattic that’s been building the app. We were lucky enough to get some great support from Microsoft along the way, especially Jeff Sandquist, James Senior, Ben Thompson, Jaime Rodriguez, Lora Heiny, and Nazia Zaman who gave us everything we needed to make the app shine, including hands-on help from Microsoft developers and designers.  We decided to focus on showcasing the best of for our first version of the app, and what better way to do that than with Freshly Pressed? We’ve been highlighting bloggers there for several years now, and all of that great content is now accessible in our app.

We also built some special features just for users. After signing in to your account you can like and reblog posts from Freshly Pressed, or follow a blog to subscribe to it in the reader. Reblogging lets you share these posts with your readers, right on your own blog.

Beyond just reblogging, you can share content from any app in Windows 8 to your blog. Just open the Share charm, and you’ll find a posting interface customized to the type of content you’re sharing — whether that’s text selected on a web page, or a picture from your photo library.

By the way, I mentioned the huge archive of great posts in Freshly Pressed — try the Windows 8 “semantic zoom” gesture in the app to see a quick overview of the app by dates. It’s a really cool way to navigate once you’ve managed to scroll through several months worth of posts (it gets addictive!).

And of course (this is Automattic, after all), the app is Open Source. You can check our the source code of the app today via SVN at and follow development of the app at the related Trac.

While it’s just a first version, I think it’s a great way of marrying the unique Metro interface in Windows 8 with the cool stuff you can do with We hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think.

If you’ve got the Consumer Preview, download for Windows 8.

-(via mattnt)

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