Best Music App on iPhone : DimSong

DimSong: Interact With Music

Quick Pitch: DimSong is a reactive and adaptive app that creates customized remixes of music based on your input, movement and surroundings.

Genius Idea: Music remixed by your movement.

Gameroid’s Take: If you’ve ever wished for a dynamic music listening experience that matches your mood or tempo, consider taking DimSong for a musical spin on your iPhone.

The iPhone application, built by VenLabs, provides an always in-flux and funky listening experience that oscillates with movement, touch or light.

In shake mode, tracks automatically pick up intensity as you dance or flail about. Switch to light mode and your iPhone’s camera will adjust audio based on the amount of light in the room. Or go in to touch mode to manually mix music with the on-screen slider.

Right now, DimSong is limited in track selection, but the application will eventually work with songs from your favorite artists.

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