Superpatch for firmware s5230MXEDK1

Firmware s5230MXEDK1 for Samsung Star is the latest firmware for this terminal, which came out in ‘ April 2011 .

The Superpatch unfortunately is not as complete as that of MXEIL2 version, found HERE , but still contains 24 patches of the most important and useful.

I leave the ‘ list of patches available:

MasterPatch : E ‘the file system and file-based menu patch, should not be disabled.

Cambia_Calcolatrice : Now you can replace the standard calculator with Calculator.swf to put the file on the memory card in the following location / Res

Schermo_sbloccato_chiamte : When you make a call the screen of the S5230 is unlocked

Cambia_swf_v2 : Allows the cell to read Menu.swf, Gadget.swf MyFiles.swf and in the following location on your MicroSD / Res

CameraBGM : The patch allows you to listen in using the camera.

Cancella_immagine_On Off : For fast switching off and turning on your cell or rather change the location of files on and off in / media / Res

Cancella_file_SThumb.tdb : Delete the file that is created when SThumb.tdb unplug the PC without disconnecting from the cell

CheckSignOff : Delete the window “The content is not protected” during the installation of java games and applications.

DeleteInputLang :??DeleteJavaPopup : The patch eliminates the requests in Java applications like ‘Allow access to the intenet xxx? “Xxx it possible to read the phone memory? ‘, Where xxx is the name of the application.

EasyAdminMenu : The patch changes the code to enter admin to open the menu, now just dial * # 3333 # to open it and your password will be 1111 for each password-protected menu.

FastInputChange :?? FlashPlayerMMC : From now you can save games. swf res folder of the microSD

Fonts : Creating the phone memory in the res folder renamed “Fonts” and putting in a font renamed “Cool50_Dial.ttf” and “CoolM_EUCJK.ttf” you changed the type of writing.

Google to Work : The patch changes the names and classes of Google Maps with Opera Mini. Necessary for the desktop.

JavaHideSilentPopup : Now, when running Java-based applications in the Silent mode will not display the ‘Play sound in silent mode? “. The sounds are not played.

JavaMMC : Installing Java on the memory card in the “Java”!

LowBatRestrictOff : The patch eliminates the restrictions of the cell when the battery is low .. like (player, bluetooth and java games and applications) .

MutePowerSave : The patch eliminates the vibration and sound that occur when the battery is low.

SaveCallLog : Now, the call log is not cleared after replacing the SIM card and in a mode without a SIM card.

ScreenShot v2. 0 : The patch allows you to take screenshots from the screen of the phone. Screenshots are saved in the -> / Telephone / Other Files / scr.bin

Tema_grigio : The patch adds a theme of gray between the standard telephone.

VideoSizeLarge : The phone can play videos in 400 x 240 resolution.

Work_radio_in_offline : Patch radio also allows you to start with the offline profile.

Note that initially the patches will not be active and must be enabled by entering the secret menu by pressing and holding the lock / unlock during the time the phone.

Returning to the firmware, it is a stable system with a very responsive touch screen, 3 fonts, and two menus.

Following are the links to the original firmware , the firmware modded by Giannigiorgioand Superpatch .

For those interested in the modded firmware, I remember only in performance, without menus changed, that the following is the list of changes made ​​to the original firmware:
– Firmware “Italianized”
– preinstalled configurations Italian operators
– increased volume
– Theme Grey Default
– Touch Calibration the first time
– Java Simple Installation
– Set type of writing 1
– Removed all the games and widgets Russian
– Replace all the ring tones with those extracted from the Wave Lite
– Replace all the images taken from the default wallpaper with 3 Wave Lite
– Res folder already set in the SBB (to facilitate the installation of themes)
– Some notification sounds are like those of Windows XP
– Power on attach for GPRS deselected (To turn it back – * # 4777 * 8665 # – and tick the box)
-Is already GoogleMaps installed and DoodleJump Deluxe

Help installing the patch:
– Connect the phone cable to the PC via PC Studio New mode
– Open Multiloader
– Select BRCM2133
– NO update without check
– In to the APPS apps_patch. bin
– Put in Rsrc2 rc2 mod.rc2
– Click 3 times on Port Search
– Click on Download

and now we go to downloads:
– Original s5230MXEKD1
– s5230MXEKD1 Giannigiorgio version
– for Superpatch MXEKD1


(Note: every step in the above should be done at your own risk. )
-(via aro94)
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