Multiple messages on the Samsung Star here is the solution

Already long ago I happened to encounter this kind of problem when deleted messages stored in memory, but seeing the problem resolved itself after about an hour, I never looked for a permanent solution.

This season I found myself having to use the phone 24 x 7.

The problem is that the Star keeps track of only 300 messages received, and every two days I had to delete. This was such that the problem of multiple messages are presented almost every day, I decided to find a solution .

Here’s what you do:

– type * # 2767 * 2878
– press 3 times the button ” back “(middle)
– Select [3] RF Test
– Select [1] Cal Remove date (if the procedure is successful you should be able to see the word “remove RF Calibration date success”)
– Exit by pressing the power (end call)
Restart the phone


-(via Aro94)
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