S5230mxeil2 like Android final [FIRMWARE]

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Finally succeeded in creating a fully modded firmware, Android style!

The base for this Firmware is the s5230MXEIL2

– Improved Touch
– Increased Volume
– Italianized firmware
– Set the parameters Italian Managers
– Theme Grey Default
– No shooting in the backgrounds
– Double menu
– Java aumenteta 5 MB memory and 5 simultaneous processes
– No game involved in this firmware
– Image Desk style boot and Android
– Java Simple Installation
– Magic touch Exchange ActiveSync and present
– Type of writing is the Font Set 3
– The numbers entered during the call are in different colors
– Fully modded menu: You will be amazed.

  • Watch the Video here:
  • Download here
  • Pack the widgets that I used in the video and you can use to further embellish this beautiful firmware can be found here.


(note: Installation or downloading any file should be done at your own risk.)
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