Google : A New Toolbar Offers Other Sites You Might Like

In a move that shows the continuing evolution of its search product,Google on Tuesday introduced Google Related, a bottom-of-the-page bar for the Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers that suggests similar pages you might be interested in.

If you’re on a restaurant’s homepage, for example, Google Related might call up a map of the restaurant, reviews from Google Places and sites from other competing establishments. If you’re reading an op-ed, Google Related might offer an essay that takes the opposite opinion.

The suggestions are designed to be unobtrusive. Displayed on a thin bar at the bottom of your screen, they get magnified if you track your cursor over them. If you like something that’s suggested, you can give it a +1.

Naturally, Related would be prime real estate for advertisers. At the moment, however, it appears to offer only regular search results.

The launch is further evidence of the changing nature of search. Google has tinkered with its results of late by incorporating +1s from users as well as social search results from Twitter, Flickr and Quora. Related may also be a way of evening the score with Microsoft, which currently includes recommendations from Facebook friends in its Bing search engine.

This video from Google explains Google Related further:


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