This is a GUIDE to root your SONY X10.

NOTE: Rooting any Android device, you need to do it at your own risk. Problems do happen now and again although it’s normally when users don’t follow the instructions.

Let us know if you were successful in the comments and what you have been able to do extra on your X10 that takes advantage of root access.

Lets get started:

If you want update to R2BA026 download the files  -> Link

The guide stays the same!

Rapidshare: (X10a_Missing Files included)

X10a_Only Missing Files (just extract):

On 64-Bit Systems download this file too please:
On Itanium64 Systems:

    R2 FIX & Market Fix

Step 1

Extract the file to a desired folder!
Please extract it to a folder without spaces.
For example:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Rooting is not good!
Better keep it :

If you are running a 64-Bit System you should have downloaded the additional file!
Please extract it and copy the “DevID”-folder in “Step1”-Folder AND in “X10a”-Folder! Just overwrite the existing files!

Step 2

Now you must run the first flash Process.
To do it just run the file: “1_downgrade_flash.cmd”.
It will give you a screen like this:

If you see that you have to connect your X10 in Flashmode now!

Connecting in flashmode is easy:
Shutdown your phone -> Connect USB Cable TO PHONE -> Push and HOLD the Back-Button -> CONNECT USB Cable to PC.
If you see the green LED in the upper right corner you are in Flashmode!
Now quick press ENTER (you have ~5sec until X10 boots up and leaves flashmode)

If you done everything right you should see a lot of commands running in your Dosbox. It will look like this:

You have to wait a few minutes until you get this Message:

Congrats! Now you completed Step2! Please disconnect phone from PC an take your Battery out for ~5 sec.
Step 3

First startup the Phone and activate USB-Debugging:
Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging!
This looks like this:

Now execute the file named: “2_root_system.cmd” !
After you executed you should the this :

If you got a Error your USB-Debug mode doesnt work well. You have to reinstall new Pc-Companion! (Best is that you install this one which your phone offers you)
If this step worked you should see this Screen at your phone after a few seconds:

run step 3 and select “update from sdcard” on phone. Be patient and don’t push the button again! It will take a few seconds!
After it’s done you should see this screens at your phone:

All you have to do now is wait until this finishes. The phone seems to restart 4-5 times.
If everything is done your phone will bootup automatically!

Now after your phone rebooted, please check again if USB-Debugging is still active!
If it’s active you have to switch back to the open Command Prompt windows and Push any key to finish the step! This will install the rest of the software including the su and superuser.apk!
It will look like this if the step runs well:

Congrats you have finished step2!
If you have a X10i you are done here!

Step 3 – X10a Only!
Okay now you have to complete the conversion from X10i to X10a!
For this is step3!
To do it please run the file named: “3_patch_X10a_only.cmd”
After the copying is done you will see a similar window as in step1. It will tell you that you should connect your X10 in flashmode!
Please do it like in step 1. Connect the phone an press any button. The process will flash the baseband of X10a R2!

Now you are done.

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