Rdio hits Windows :

Rdio, the popular on-demand music-streaming service with apps already available on most major platforms (Download: Mac | iPhone | Android), has just invaded Windows desktops. Now, desktop listeners can access their Rdio accounts without having to fire up a browser or log in. The new native app offers all of Rdio’s basic listening and social discovery features, plus a couple of nice conveniences that you’re sure to appreciate.

First, the new app can be controlled via media keys on a keyboard. These days, a lot of Windows peripherals come outfitted with Play, Pause, and Skip Track keys, and the app lets you take advantage of them to ease your listening experience.

Second, the app has a Match Collection function, which uses the metadata found in your iTunes or Windows Media libraries to populate your Rdio collection. It’s a great way to jump-start your listening experience right after downloading.

Rdio for Windows is available now, free on Rdio.com, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. After a seven-day trial, Rdio Unlimited is $9.99 and Rdio Web is $4.99.

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