Samsung Firmware [UPDATE] S5230MREIL2 superstar v2 :

Hello everyone, a new firmware modded by me based on Polish S5230MREIL2 firmware.

Features of the new firmware:

1)Boot-image changed

2)Increased memory-java (can take 5 applications open without slowing down the system)

3)Fixed the bug of Chermiti (when setting images from a background image that cut off the top of the screen)

4)Fixed the bug in the snap of sliding the 3 desk

5)Added widget installer (to install jar, jad and wgt)

To use it you should:

i)Put the file in the folder to install other files in the cell

ii)In the widget-insert the name of the file to install WITHOUT EXTENSION

iii)Click the file extension


v)Added a widget digital clock / calendar

vi)Font-added 4 th

vii)Qwerty-keyboard re-organized

viii)Touch-improved (touchwiz)

ix)Theme-gray pre-set

x)Wall-changed (also included with the Mac dock that you can add the widget pack mac os x here)

xi)Italianate-complete pre-set the Italian language


xiii)Java-easy (so the widget installer is required to install this firmware widget)

Download here


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