Hide file in an image :

Hello everyone, this tutorial will tell you how to hide the documents, the information in an image in “jpg” format.
Some time ago, some American journalists claimed that the Islamic terrorists exchanged their information
eBay auctions, hiding them in jpg images.

For the curious here’s how.
We must have the software “winrar” and of course you can create a jpg image in an instant with Paint.
We begin with put the document to be hidden in a rar archive.
Open the command prompt with the Start-> Run and type cmd.
In the screen prompt give this simple command:

copy / b? Source: nome_file.jpg? +? Source: nome_file.rar? ? Destination: nuovo_file.jpg?

So for example if the archives to hide and which must lead to the img file, are located in c: type:

copy / b? c: nome_file.jpg? +? C: nome_file.rar? ? C: nuovo_file.jpg? / / And so we will see that in c: file is created
nuovo_file.jpg that path? be displayed as normal as any other image.
To re-display the hidden file will suffice? rename to rar in jpg, or a free software called “rinominer.exe” or from the dos prompt with the command:

cd path file-> ren filename.jpg nomefile.rar
So if you want to rename the file on the desktop initially we will see:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C: Documents and SettingsAsh> cd desktop / / send

C: Documents and SettingsAshDesktop> ren nome_file.jpg nome_file.rar

appear on the desktop and see your files in RAR format, so unzip and extract the hidden content.

of course you can also hide more … 😉


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