After Twitter & Facebook now its LinkedIn which has got KLOUT :

Klout, the startup that measures the influence of social media users, is now factoring LinkedIn connections and activities into its overall scoring system.

Klout can now assess your ability to drive action on LinkedIn, as well as appraise who you’re influencing on the service and exactly how you’re influencing them.

Once you add LinkedIn from your Klout dashboard, your LinkedIn connections and activities are pooled with your Twitter and/or Facebook actions, and incorporated in your Klout score and score analysis.

“LinkedIn has been one of our biggest requests from users,” Klout CEO and co-founder Joe Fernandez says. “It’s clear that people put a huge value on their business connections and we are thrilled to be able to include activities and connections from LinkedIn in calculating the Klout score.”

And why might your Klout score matter? For starters, experimental brands and businesses are testing out programs that provide special perks to social network users with high Klout scores. Klout is also now working to identify topic experts. Plus, your Klout score can travel with you across the web — Twitter clients such as seismic show Klout scores attached to tweets — and affect how your status updates are perceived.

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