The Sims Are Coming to Facebook

The Sims are about to get social on Facebook.

EA will launch an extension, called The Sims Social, to the popular online game. The company made the announcement at E3 on Monday, but didn’t offer a launch date. A Facebook Page for the game says merely that The Sims Social is “coming soon.” EA is also planning to release a mobile companion app to the game.

The Sims, which lets users create avatars called Sims for themselves and others, has sold more than 140 million units worldwide since it was introduced in 2000. Considering that install base, Sims could offer competition to some Zynga social games like FarmVilleCityVille and Mafia Wars, which have attracted a total of 250 million monthly active users.

The release comes after EA purchased Playfish for $400 million in 2009. The move was intended to adapt more EA games to social media environments.


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