Installation of new firmware on Samsung Star :

Bored with your old, lagging and boring firmware in Samsung Star??
Well here are few Custom Firmware for Samsung Star .

Even though searching for the Original firmwares??
Here are few Original Firmware for your Samsung Star.

Here is the guide to install a new firmware, in order to have other options including awareness of touch, the battery patch, changing the boot image, the double menus and reading files (games and applications) Java also unsigned !!!!! (. Jar, NO. Jad)

IMPORTANT: Neither myself nor the website or Samsung are responsible for whatever happens to your phone.

The guide can be downloaded  [here]

NB: The password to open the file: donbarese

and the firmware can be downloaded  [here]

good luck …

Answers to few frequently asked questions:

1)During the Flashing  operation errors appear and the operation stops. Should I run the power off?
A. No, never do that and do not detach the cell from the Pc. Please try to do the Flash, if errors continues to appear, you can try using a different firmware.

2)After Flashing the cell does not turn on! I connect the 220 to make him an electric shock?
A. No, there is still hope. Try to press the buttons Power + Volume Down (or) Volume + Power + Camera , you should see the writing on the screen “Download”. Reconnect to the PC and try to re-flash .

3)I installed PC-Studio from the CD but my star is not detected. What can I do?
A. If the PC-Studio installed from the CD should give you problems, uninstall it (even the driver Samsung) and download from Samsung’s website.


Some people have had problems during the flashing, including myself, I found some additional steps that I recommend you to do before flashing your star.
1) First save everything you want to take on the sim (phone book, mex, …) and the external memory (media files).
2) Then remove the two cards from your phone, enter the following code: * 2767 * 3855 # (this is the master reset will erase everything … and the flashing may experience a few things on your cell, such as applications or settings made by you) and finally
3) follow the guide, whose link can be found above.

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