New iPhone to be called 4S?

As speculation continues to swirl around the next iPhone, an analyst claims he has new info about the highly anticipated smartphone from Apple.

It will be called “iPhone 4S” when it’s released in September, according to Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek. He adds that Apple will announce “distribution deals for the iPhone with Sprint and T-Mobile in time for the holidays.”

In addition, the new iPhone will have a dual-core A5 processor under the hood, helping it keep up with numerous dual-core smartphone competitors already on the market such as the Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC Sensation.

Misek added that the iPhone’s design will remain the same except for “minor” cosmetic changes, but he did write that its front and rear cameras will be improved to an unspecified extent.

If you’re looking for higher speed, you’ll have to settle for HSPA+ connectivity; Misek says there won’t be any LTE support for the iPhone yet, because the anticipated LTE chipset from Qualcomm “is currently not achieving yields sufficient for inclusion” in the next iPhone.

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