Windows Azure (In detail) :

Windows Azure is the cloud-based development platform that lets you build and run applications in the cloud, launch them in minutes instead of months and code in multiple languages and technologies including .NET, Java, and PHP. Start to innovate, unencumbered by redundancy, bandwidth or server constraints.

What is Windows Azure?
Steve Marx from Microsoft explains it all, in plain English.

Get 750 hours of free usage of a single Extra Small Windows Azure Instance. Just use the allocation within 120 days of sign-up. You can deploy either a single Extra Small Instance over the entire time limit or multiple Extra Small Instances and exhaust the quota in a shorter time. It’s a great way to start thinking in Windows Azure without paying a dime.

Download Free Trial of Windows Azure . Click Here.

Download Windows Azure SDK

Create an Application :

Explore the basic elements of a Windows Azure service by creating a simple application.

Quick Start – Create an Application
Hands-on Lab – Create an Application

Deploy an Application:

Learn how to deploy your first application in Windows Azure.

Quick Start – Deploy an Application
Hands-on Lab – Deploy an Application

Learn More:

Find step-by-step guidance in the form of Code Quick Starts, Hands-on Labs, and Training Videos.

Go to Learn More
Download the Training Kit


Find the Windows Azure SDK one-click installer, previous versions of Windows Azure SDKs, AppFabric SDKs, and SDKs for other programming languages.

Go to SDKs


Find tools for helping you assess total cost of ownership (TCO), manage storage, and migrate, develop, and deploy applications.

Go to Tools

Code Samples:

Find code samples from Windows Azure product teams, and other trusted sources.

Go to Code Samples

Lastly coming to What is Cloud Power? Click Here and check out the features of the Cloud Power.

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