Official Google I/O 2011 Android app now available

We’re only one week away from the biggest Android-related event of the year, which means it’s time to download the official Google I/O Android app. Google just released this year’s app, and it’s better than ever. The app has gone through a redesign to support Honeycomb devices, with a new layout that takes advantage of tablet-sized screens. The new app also carries the same features we saw in last year’s version, like:

  • Look at the schedule
  • Look through detailed session and speaker info
  • Look through info about companies in the Developer Sandbox   
  • Star sessions and Sandbox companies
  • Get the current buzz on I/O via real-time search stream
  • Guide yourself using the conference map
  • Create and manage notes using Catch

Even if you won’t be attending the conference, the Google I/O app is great for keeping up with what’ll be happening at the event — and trust us, there’ll be a lot happening. Now we just need May 10 to get here already.

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