HTC EVO 4G gets full HDMI Mirroring in FREE App for Rooted Phones

The HTC EVO 4G, the beloved Sprint Android phone that has been so popular since May 2010, now supports full HDMI mirroring. No, Sprint and HTC didn’t release an update to the EVO, but a new app makes it possible to show whatever is on the screen of your rooted EVO 4G.

Full HDMI Mirroring for EVO 4G (aka HDMwIn) launched today as a free app for rooted phones. Showing at resolutions ranging from 640×480 to 1280×720, Full HDMI allows users to send their phone screen and audio onto a computer or television with an HDMI micro cable. The app installs a custom kernel that enables the HDMI upgrade, but only Sense-based ROM’s are currently able to play both video and audio. CyanogenMod 7 can play video, but a working audio output will arrive at a later date.

The stock EVO 4G HDMI out function is currently limited to video shot on an EVO and select clips. Mirroring increases the number of playback options and unlocks the full potential of an EVO 4G. I’ve been craving HDMI mirroring since I got the EVO 4G at Google I/O 2010. I tested the beta application for a short and enjoyed some clips that previously would not work. Now I must decide if I stick with a Sense ROM in order to get full audio support or go back to my usual default CyanogenMod 7. Whichever you’re running, download Full HDMI Mirroring for EVO 4G from the Android Market and increase your entertainment options.


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