Play Games On Any PC With OnLive Wi-Fi Beta

Now, you can play hardcore games wirelessly on your computer using OnLive which has launched its public Wi-Fi beta.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010:  Want to play those hardcore game on your computer and not on gaming rigs? OnLive allows you to do so. Well, OnLive has been providing this service for a long time over wired network connection but now they have launched a public Wi-Fi beta which will allow users to play games wirelessly.

Playing games over wireless networks can be a task in itself. But, OnLive has tried its best to counter these negatives by optimising its technology to provide a good experience; I sure was impressed when I took the beta for a test run.But the experience wasn’t all glitch free. There were certain lags which are normal over Wi-Fi networks and games which required instant reflexes did freak me out. At one instance, I moved a little away from the Wi-Fi router and my game encountered a force-pause with a message stating, “Your Internet connection has dropped to minimum quality.”

I took this test further and stayed away from the router to find out after how long my connection is finally dropped. I was impressed to say the least. I was given a 5-minute window before the connection was dropped permanently. This shows that the team knows about the problem and thus keeps your game paused for 5 minutes when you loose your connection. Five minutes are enough to relocate or address a problem.

It is just a beta test so these glitches are normal. Overall, it was a good experience. You can opt-in for the Beta which is open to all OnLive users who have connections 3 Mbps or faster. Give it a try; you wouldn’t regret it.

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