Learn Adobe Flex in a Week !!!

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Learn Flex in a week !!

Learn to use Adobe Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 in a week by stepping through this video training course.

To get started:

  1. Download and install Flash Builder 4 (requires free Adobe membership).
  2. Watch a short overview video (6:21) to learn what to expect from this training.
  3. Download the project files for each training day.

    Project files include starter and solution files for the exercises and video transcripts. If you prefer, you can download the files for each exercise individually from the respective exercise pages.

  4. To maximize your learning, view the videos and complete the exercises in the order listed.

Prerequisite knowledge:

Want to view Flex in a Week videos offline? You can download the videos from this page.

Note: You can also download a mobile version of Flex in a Week from iTunes.

Day Wise Projects :

Day 1 : Flex Basics

Introducing Adobe Flex 4

Setting up Flash Builder

Building a data-driven Flex application

Organizing visual elements and code

Day 2 : Event and Data Basics

Understanding event-driven development

Retrieving remote data

For more information see also: Flex and ColdFusionPHPJava

Creating a typed data model

Day 3: Data Handling and Manipulation

Extending events

Sending remote data

For more information see also: Flex and ColdFusionPHPJava

Validating and formatting data

Learning more about handling data

Day 4: Page Layout and Animation

Displaying data with the DataGroup container

Displaying data with List-based control

Creating and navigating “pages” in a UI

Animating components and states

Day 5 : Adding Visual Appeal

Controlling text display

Styling the visual display

Skinning Spark components

Deploying Flex and Adobe AIR applications


View samples

Integrate Flex

Browse the documentation

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