BOLT BROWSER for mobile !!!

Did you ever wish to have all the features your phone should have as such your Computer….. So that you could chat, check anything anywhere you wanted and would look as if you are checking it on the computer.

Then here it is, Bolt browser.

A browser for phones which would enable you to browse just like you are browsing from a Computer.

Download your BOLT browser today !!

copy this URL onto your address bar for your download :

Enjoy Surfing !!!


    • Bolt browser enables you to with the “monitor look” . That is as the web page is seen on the monitor the same way it is seen here.
      you can chat …. tweet…… mail…. and do what ever you want just like it is on your system.
      The best part of this browser is that you can also play games in this.

      it just depends on the wifi connection or the net speed your mobile carrier provides !!!

      The latest version of bolt browser that is i think 2.11… contains tab system too….. U can simultaneously browse on more than one site !!!
      I am using it !! Its good !!
      Try it !!

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