BADA OS 2.0 (Installation & Features)

 Now, BADA OS is not that boring or slow. It has got all new features with a great new look and functionalities.  The various features are mentioned below:


- New wallpaper (same as on the Galaxy Tabs)
– Smoother transition effects.
-Menu option available on screen.(which reduces the need for always pressing the button.)
-Dolphin Browser installed as the default browser & is super fast.
– Smooth multitouch in the browser and the gallery
– Battery percentage option available.
– Allshare working good.
– Syncing with kies is working.
–  The highlight of the rom is Ch@t On is included and its working awesomely good. The latest version of chat on is included. So hats Off for that to samsung amazing service.
– Music hub now can identify the country you are in (Blocks the countries that the service is not available in it )
– This FW is compiled on 5th October
– Gps lock is fixed in this version almost gps lock is much faster than bada 1.2.
– Fota.
– Social hub[Basicplus] working perfectly.
– All the IM’s working great[Yahoo,Msn & Google]
– Youtube login bug is gone.
-Camera app has a new look.
– Camera App is now more than perfect (Rotation is fixed)
– Some bada 1.2 APIs are fixed (like in tweet caster login page & unseen 3 dots menus)
– Caster App is now working perfectly (you can download IE extension by sending its URL to your e-mail)
– Loading cursor smaller!
– On Appstore themes you can acces directly Theme-settings
– Task manager design changed! You see the active apps!
– FB Push works!
– The “pull-up” list on some apps was “invisible”, now you can see everything good like in Bada 1.2
– Screen lock is very fast now. Locks very fast.
-Screen lock has gesture open.
-Phone mutes when turned upside down.
– Other sounds & features available.


Download the Multiloader V 5.65 – download
How to install/load BADA 2.0 into Samsung Wave 2 :

Download the latest version!

Supported phone Software version number System Version Size Link
Samsung Wave 8500 XPKJ1 2.0 (beta) 231.4 MB Download
Samsung Wave II 8530 XPKJ1 2.0 (beta) 226.5 MB Download
  • For the password for the above firmwares CLICK HERE.VIDEOS : 
  • Check out few hand-picked videos from YouTube for installation :–>(if you are ready with all downloads and your mobile phone set up, watch the video below from 2:15)

->Here’s another video for flashing your mobile phone with BADA OS 2.0:

  • If anybody comes up with a BUG such as a blue screen and later asking you to UPLOAD DATA ON PC, then here’s how to get rid of it,
  1. Switch your mobile phone and type *#33284*#
  2. This will lead you to the debug level.
  3. Set it as LOW.
  4. *#33284*# –> LOW

Here’s a hand-picked video from YouTube of the bug,



BADA OS Custom Firmwares [UPDATED]


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  1. thank you for your tutorial.

    i have just finished flashing/upgrading my Samsung Wave II (s8530) using your tutorial (usb driver / multiloader + official bada 2.0 from )

    for the moment everything looks and works ok.

  2. pusghatole says:

    the passwords are not working… plz provide with the correct one

  3. pusghatole says:

    hey… sorry i had that typing mistake… its working damn good man… but i have lost some basic functions…

    The bluetooth is not working.. I cannot transfer files. devices are recognised but transfer is nt there.
    Moreover i am not able to change any theme and also not able to access gmail…

    • ashrules24 says:

      @Pusghatole:: Hello, thank you. Bluetooth is working properly in every device that I have done Flashing and even others who have Flashed their Phone. Just try Checking your Bluetooth setting, it may be in “Hidden” mode. Turn it to “Visible.”

    • ashrules24 says:

      @Pusghatole :: and changing themes is a simple work. Just goto Samsung Apps. (Remember to create an account in it) And download any theme as per you likes and you will find it your menu. Just double click it and it must get installed.
      Enjoy!! :)

  4. serialkiller23 says:

    the passwords are not working !!!
    plz provide the correct ones

  5. serialkiller23 says:

    i have tried everything, copied pasted them, typed them, have tried every possibility but they dont work for me.

  6. plz provide me correct password

  7. Tum Sogood says:


  8. Hi,
    its being 3 month from updating from 1.2 to bada2,
    (1) its function looks like android but 1.2 look was good because it was different from android please give older look with new updates
    (2) there is no pause option in bada2 camera again 1.2 camera screen is good then bada2 although there is update like zooming from screen…
    (3) Hand free answering mode is missing…its not there in bada2.

  9. Noor Khan says:

    my samsung wave2 update bada 2.0 not working for you tube plz help me sir

  10. Aj Mingay says:

    can someone help me? :( pretty please?
    A warning comes out.
    FOTA engine not installed. what to do?

  11. hi
    thanks for helping
    i upgraded my s8500 but it is not supporting arabic languages and font like bada 1.2
    plz tell me what to do?

  12. Please provide a link for unmodified apps for bada os. except badahub and badaturkeye .Thanks

  13. i have done but now it asking to upload data to pc…plz help me

  14. my bada 1.1is not getting updated it says no updates are available kindly guide me

    • ashrules24 says:

      @Ravinder: did you flash your phone with a duplicate version of firmware? If yes then the updates should not happen… And will not too!
      But if it’s the original firmware then check settings… Or your internet if either doesn’t work contact Samsung customer service.

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