Custom Firmwares for SAMSUNG STAR/S5230/5233/S5233W(wifi)

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Gadgets, Mobiles, OS, Samsung., technology

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Bored with the Traditional three colour themes of Samsung, then try out these exiting CUSTOM Firmwares.

1) iPhone Menu : #DOWNLOAD#

2) Windows 7  (New menu Style+new image power+Easy Java) : to download click here #

3) Full iPhone Firmware : click here : # DOWNLOAD #

4) Windows 7 -DarkBlackTheme+ImprovedTouch :# DOWNLOAD #

5) BlackMenu : Click here to download.

Check out the image below :

Samsung star--menu in black

6) Apple Mac OS X Leopard+JavaEnabled+NewMenu+ImprovedTouch

CheckOut the Image below :

The samsung MACOS

7) IStar Firmware-JavaEnabled+ImprovedTouch+IncresedSpeakerVolume : DOWNLOAD #

Check the image below :

Samsung IStar Look

8) New Menu style : DOWNLOAD #

Check image below :

[Update] :


(note: Installation or downloading any file should be done at your own risk.)
  1. ashrules24 says:

    I have tried most of them…They are all awesome!!

  2. simster says:

    thanks! nice dark theme

  3. ashrules24 says:

    Trying out for the Android theme… Its awesome but has few bugs.. Will upload it asap. :)

  4. hi can i try these on my star wifi? i dont wanna lose the wifi and bluetooth :/

    • ashrules24 says:

      You can try only the one with the wifi applicability. Other’s may disable your wifi. And about the bluetooth, don’t worry. Every firmware has it built in applicability. NOTE: I am not responsible for any damages that happen to your phone. Read the instructions carefully and then try installing it.

  5. ashrules24 says:

    Check out my new ANDROID FIRMWARE :

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  8. megaupload doesn’t work. where can i download in another place

  9. Eco Living says:

    great work! is this still alive? i have the wifi & am wondering if the messages are also chat like?

  10. Luan Timoteo says:

    Its modify the fw s5230VJIL3

    fw because other or are in English or espanhou

    thank you

  11. Irish Adlane says:

    The file has been deleted How do I find

  12. Irish Adlane says:

    BlackMenu I’ve deleted

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